Sep 23 2012

Keep ’em awake!

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This is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. A quick tip might just save your voice or get you through that important conversation. I welcome any comments or questions.

Help!  They’re falling asleep out there!


How do you hold interest when you have no help from your environment OR your topic?  Here are 3 techniques that will turn your presentation from boring to bravo!

1. Vary the pace: Keep your overall pace between 140-160 words per minute so that people can follow you, but speed up or slow down for interest.

2. Vary the cadence: Ending sentences consistently open or closed is boring.  Make definitive statements, but also ask questions and invite response. Try allowing for space, too!  Silence is golden.

3. Vary the pitch: Varying pitch creates interest in the ear of the listener.  If you have a low voice, raise it in pitch from time to time for emphasis.  If your voice is high, bring it down when you make a definitive statement.


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