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Feb 12 2015

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: The secret to a great Valentine’s Day conversation

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8551938948_1c2a58ae9c(Do not read this if you are completely prepared for every upcoming conversation that matters.)

Valentine’s Day can be confusing, if not downright depressing. This often stems from the fact that all those little cupids and hearts put pressure on you to have an important conversation. You stress and sweat about what to say, when to say it and where, and even with whom…and the day just gets closer and closer. Well, never fear. There is a secret to finding the right thing to say at the right time. All you have to do is answer this question honestly and the conversation you need to have will fall into place:

 What is your intention for the conversation?

Now, it’s not just the question, it’s also the opportunity to “get honest with yourself”  that solves the puzzle.  Frankly, that may be the hardest part to figure out. But it’s necessary because intention is an aim that guides your action. If you know your intention, you know what to do.

Consider this–  if you want talk to your special someone about a upcoming ski trip, that’s a very different conversation than talking to them about spending your life together. More importantly, saying you want to have a conversation about skiing when you’re really intent on the bigger conversation only leaves people confused. I’m not saying there can’t be surprises in life.  I am saying that once you get clear about your intention, you’ll be much clearer about what to say, when and where. Of course, the hardest part may still be the action piece, but at least you’ll know what you SHOULD say.

To read how this applies to other conversations that matter, please read my post, Intention: The prescription for an authentic voice.

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Dec 03 2014

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Motivate them to remember you

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small__8654792719Memory and emotion are partnered in the brain. Rather than thinking of emotion as merely a way to be dramatic, think of it as a strategy to be remembered. Where you use it, therefore, is important.

  • Use emotion before the part you want them to remember. For example, when you are educating people, summarize what’s been covered, follow up with something motivational, and follow that with a call to action.
  • When you are talking to your team, give directions as an emotional appeal by including an inspirational story that illustrates what you want them to do.
  • Use an inspirational moment when you want the audience to remember an important point anywhere in your talk, and make the moment last long enough to feel it but not so long that it’s awkward.

For more on this topic please see my post on expressive speaking.

Please “like” my Facebook page, connect on Linked-In or follow me on Twitter. What other ideas do you have to apply this strategy?

photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page via photopin cc

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