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Oct 29 2014

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Get it together

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iStock_000016478509MediumDesigned to help you stay in the game, this is your weekly tip for maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication.


 What’s lurking behind your words?


Recently, I read an HBR Management Tip of the Day  that focused on the importance of using the word “together” often if you want to motivate your team to engage and perform, as in “We’re all in this together.”  This is a perfect example of alignment of content and intention.  Similarly, if your intention is to be seen as collaborative, the use of the word “we” is very important, as is using opportunities to refer to others when talking about accomplishments, rather than just yourself (seems like a “duh,” right?).

You may have heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words,” but in truth, actions and words and intention are most powerful when they are brought into agreement with each other.  To make sure that this is the case for you the next time you need to have some vocal impact, here are three steps to alignment:

 1.     Clarify your intention.  Make sure you know what you want to get out of the conversation or meeting. Get honest about any ulterior motives.  Even if you try to disguise them they will show.

2.     Create a list of words that best reflect your intention, and use them in your message.

3.     Practice delivering your message so that you also sound like you mean what you say.

For more on how to get it together, please see my post 5 Steps to Greater Influence in Meetings.   And the next time you’re on Facebook, please like my Facebook page, or connect with me on Linked-In and follow me on Twitter.  I will follow back.

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Oct 23 2014

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Don’t do it!

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It’s that scary time of year again.  Yup.  Football season!  You are going to be watching TV or at a stadium and “surprise!” you will be screaming again.  Your significant other will punch you in the ribs and tell you that you just blew out their eardrum, and that’s bad enough.  But the worst part is that you will blow out your voice.  What to do?  Here are some suggestions:

Superbowl Party1. A surefire cure is to only go to games where you don’t care who wins.

2. Don’t do it.  Say to yourself, “We are going to jump up and down and wave our arms instead of screaming.” Then do that.

3. If you do get carried away, stop after one scream. Catch yourself before you do further damage.  Bring on the duct tape if you have to.

4. If you DO wreak havoc on your vocal folds, dump out your coke and go for the hot tea or coffee. Get some healing going immediately.

5. Finally, if you are still allowed in bed after that outburst, be quiet and get some rest.  Your voice will thank you for it.

For more on what’s scary, please see my brilliant Halloween post, “3 Steps to Create a Voice for Your Costume and Be a Better Speaker, Too.  I love this one!

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