Nov 03 2013

Raise Your Voice! Autistic girl finds hers

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In September,  I was honored to coach a father/daughter team at TEDx OrangeCoast.  The talk was about their experience with autism.  You will be amazed by their story. The once-silent Leya is now blooming, and has become a vibrant, passionate speaker on behalf of children who are without communication.

The message is one that needs to be heard for as Eyal states, “We are in the midst of a public health crisis.” It is affecting tens of millions of children all over the world.  Leya confirms clearly, that if things keep going as they are today, by 2024, 1 in every 3 families will have a child on the autism spectrum.  However, this video shows that those statistics do not have to be true.  Eyal gives a solid argument for why autism is on the rise, and Leya is living proof of the success of a program that works to counteract the effects of autism.

Right now, they are trying to get 50k online viewers of their talk with the hope that it will qualify to become a featured clip on,  and thus be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people who need to hear this message, the message that autism is treatable.  Please help  promote the clip by raising your voice.  You can do this by viewing, liking, commenting and forwarding this link to interested parties and people in the community.  The clip is being promoted in three different locations.  Here is where you can find it (besides below:)

1., Autism, A Journey of Hope
This is the main TED site. They have a form there for recommending the clip to become a featured clip. If you like the message  and you  think that what they are doing is important,  please fill in that form.

2. Then there is the YouTube version, as you see it below.  It is important for them to have likes and if you could also leave comments, in particularl they are interested in an honest discussion about the idea that autism is treatable. And of course if you like it, please embed it on your facebook page:

3. Last, there is the Mendability page; this is the company that Eyal has formed to give people access to a program to treat autism in the same way that he and his wife were able to help Leya.   The treatment is clinically proven and very affordable.  You can refer people that you think might need the therapy or visit the site if you’d like to learn more about the process.  Here is the link to the video on that site: TEDx – Autism: A Journey Of Hope


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Dec 27 2012

Where to find your voice in 2013

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iStock_000020403185XSmallAs humans, we are passionately driven to communicate. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. But to be heard above all the noise of our culture, you must have a voice that others will listen to. There has never been a better time to develop that voice. Resources for study and practice are abundant. Expertise is at an all time high and instead of taking on less importance as our technology advances, the human voice is more important than ever, adding warmth and humanity to a digital world. So if you are ready, make the commitment now. Find your voice in 2013 and use it. Here’s how:

Find it at home: Sing in the shower. Hum while you work. Practice your talks out loud in your living room. Above all, have more conversations that matter with your friends and family.

Find it at work: Volunteer to give more presentations…and make them good. Speak up in meetings. Take advantage of trainings that are offered on communication skills. Bring in a speaker for a brown bag lunch workshop on getting over stage fright. Have more conversations that matter with co-workers. Keep your intention aligned with your message and both with the sound of your voice.  Listen.

Find it with a coach: Perhaps this is the year to take a class in public speaking or singing,  take a workshop on communication,  OR maybe it’s the year to finally get a private coach.  Get recommendations for vocal coaches in your area and take some lessons with a few until you find the one that is right for you. Sign up for a course of study. Ask questions. Commit time to practice.  Do the work.

Find it in your community: Join Toastmasters. Join a community choir. Audition for a play or a musical. Be the voice for those who cannot speak on their own behalf. Speak out for a political or community cause. Join the speaker’s bureau at a local charity.

Find it online: Create a video and put it up on YouTube. Make comments on blogs and polls. Reach out to others of similar interest. Create a pod cast and share your expertise with others. And, of course, subscribe to Kate’sVoice and read it regularly for more voice tips and techniques!!

The sound of another voice and the touch of another hand are among life’s most precious offerings. In the end, connection with others is at the core of our desires. Creating clear communication takes consistent, focused attention and work, but it is work that will bring the greatest rewards that life has to offer. Make this the year that you find your voice and use it to connect with others, get more of what you want out of life, and make a difference for all of us. Happy New Year!

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