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In the past, when I wanted people to move in new directions, I would often come off as too authoritarian with my voice. The principles in this book, and Kate's unerring ear, pointed me in a new, more controlled direction that allows me to show a positivism and sureness without sounding too autocratic. And, while I see Kate's techniques as a way to improve a valuable asset for myself, I have also seen her method transform meek voices into power speakers.

Mike Sternad, Director, Customer Advocacy Finance, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Professional speaker or occasional presenter, you'll benefit from this book. As I read it, my highlighter ran out of ink. Ms. Peters made me more aware of why and how I communicate. I learned why talking to myself isn't bad, how to sharpen my listening skills, and how to evaluate my intentions for better communication. I speak professionally and understand the need for vocal image and power. As I write this, I'm in the midst of her recommended exercises. My wife, a semi-professional singer, smiled when I talked about this book and said, "It's nice that you get it and understand the power of voice."

James W. 'Jim' Obermayer - Business Speaker, Consultant, Author

Jeff Rodek, Executive Chairman, former CEO Hyperion Solutions Corporation

" I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was insightful, informative, and easy to follow. Understanding and learning how to use my voice more powerfully and effectively will help in every aspect of my professional and personal relationships. Right away, I started doing some of the exercises and found an immediate change, not only in response from people, but in my own perception of my voice. With the insights from this book, I look forward to mastering my vocal impressions. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the power of their voice."

Tacha Kasper, CBC (Certified Business Communicator)

Are you being heard? How are people reacting when you speak? Do they tune you out, cringe, or do they pay attention and appreciate your words? You can make yourself be heard, lead your life, career and relationships to success, and come away having left a positive impact on those around you. Excellent!!

Heather Froeschl, BookReview.com

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