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What is the secret of successful speaking?

There's a simple secret to maximizing your impact on others in public speaking and here it is: 

Align your content with your intention, and both with your delivery method.  When it comes to public speaking, that means aligning your presentation content with your intentions and both with the sound of your voice. 

There's a lot more information on this on Kate's Voice, which is my blog, as well as in my book, Can You Hear Me Now? 

Creating great voices that others want to listen to and talk to is what this is all about.

Here's what others like you are saying about my voice training, workshops, lectures and my book:  

"Your session was excellent and has already helped me, and I thought I was hot stuff because I've done a fair amount of public speaking and broadcast work. Again thank you for the knowledge you shared with us." Lanny Larson,  Editor, Office of University Communications, California State University, Fresno

"Kate was wonderful! I know Frank (Mottek) was also very impressed and had a great time chatting with her. Kate made such an impression on the newsroom, as well. We'd love to have her back in the future." Leyla Gulen, Producer, The Business Hour, KNX 1070 Newsradio Los Angeles

"Ms Peters made me more aware of why and how I communicate.  I learned why talking to myself isn't bad, how to sharpen my listening skills, and how to evaluate my intentions for better communication in public speaking."  Jim Obermayer, Business speaker, consultant, author

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