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Oct 12 2015

An interview with your voice

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dreamstime_m_21918617How well do you know your voice? Seems like a funny question, right? Just today, I told someone what I do for a living and they said, “There’s nothing you can do about your voice. It is what it is.” And I responded, “Not true. There’s a lot you can do to create a voice that is attractive and healthy– one that serves you well.” (Thank God, or this blog would be pointless!) Yet, you can’t just change your voice. First you have to know what you have to work with.

Some of us are obsessed with learning about our own voices. Singers and great actors and others who love to preach or entertain are well acquainted with what their voices can and cannot do, and what to do to strengthen and keep them healthy. That might sound narcissistic, and perhaps it is, but it’s also important when you count on your voice to represent and sustain you.  I have found that most people don’t know their voices at all except whether or not they like them– and most people don’t like them!

If you are one of the many who find that your voice is a stranger in spite of the fact that you use it as much as or more than any talk show host, stop being strangers. Below is an opportunity to start building a relationship with your voice. Write the questions and answers in a journal or notebook. And have fun! If you have questions about what to do with what you’ve learned, ask me a question in the comments below.  I’d be happy to make suggestions for how you can make the most of your new relationship.

  • How do you use your voice at work?
  • How do you express love with it?
  • How does your voice sound when you feel powerful?
  • How healthy is your voice?
  • How old does your voice sound?
  • Do others like your voice? What do they say about it?
  • What would you like people to say about your voice?
  • When your voice isn’t feeling well, what do you do for it?
  • Has your voice ever betrayed you? Do you ever abuse your voice?
  • What does your laughter sound like?
  • How do you sound when you are sad?
  • When you talk about your dreams, what does your voice say about them? What do others hear about them through your voice?
  • When you are angry, what happens to your voice? Does it get loud? Does it go away? Does your voice want to speak out or go into hiding?
  • Does your voice need air or does it have too much?
  • What happens to your voice when you meet someone new? What happens to it when you have to speak in front of others?
  • Do you have an accent? Does it serve you?
  • Does your voice like to sing? What does it like to sing? Do you encourage it?
  • If there’s one thing about your voice that you’d like to change, what is it?

This post was inspired by other online inventories such as: How well do you know yourself?

Oprah’s inventory for self discovery (not to be confused with the inventory, How well do you actually know Oprah?)

And then of course there are countless online personality tests…I’m a sucker for them all.

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Sep 22 2010

Take care of your voice! 5 Internet Resources You Can Trust

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It’s fall and time for teachers AND students to return to school.  And very soon, many of those teachers will begin losing their voices.  Teaching as a profession is very hard on the voice.  However, lawyers, public speakers, presenters, and singers are also at risk for vocal problems. In fact, as we’ve said before, vocal use is becoming more and more a part of everyone’s job. But what to do if you are having voice problems?  The internet is full of advice, but which ones can you trust? Below are a few I found regarding vocal health that are all sound.  Bookmark them for future reference!

On YouTube: These two videos are not very exciting (perhaps I should refer the producers to my articles on vocal expression) but they have good information.
1. The Kerry Primary Team in Ireland has put together a short video for teachers on how to use your voice wisely.

2. Here is an interview on ABC News on World Voice Day last April.  It’s with Dr.Clark Rosen, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center.  He talks about care and also how to identify a vocal problem.

3. This one is pretty basic, but good advice from the mouth of a rocker, an article by Michael Firth Rogan.

4. Another voice teacher talks shop. This is a post by Linda Septien.

And finally, a test to see if you need help:

5.  This test for teachers and other voice users is presented by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

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